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Yes, now it’s out as a second edition. The big cognitive neuroscience textbook entitled “Cognition, Brain and Consciousness” is edited by Bernard J. Baars and Nicole Gage, and has already received good reviews, among one prominent and positive review in Nature Neuroscience. (Both my chapters survived the revision process, with minor changes.)

I’ve been using this book for courses with around 200 students with great success. It has been entertaining, and most wonderful to use (inspiring to students both with regard to text and graphics).

I’d recommend the book to anybody with a keen interest in cognitive neuroscience, ranging from new students to the field, to researchers (like me) who want to catch up on how cognitive neuroscience is being taught, and what’s considered “standard knowledge” outside my own domain of research.

Patricia Churchland’s review puts it right:

“Masterfully organized and comprehensive in its coverage, this textbook will surely be THE introduction to cognitive neuroscience. The contributing authors are highly accomplished experts, and details are deftly selected to illustrate principles as well as to launch the curious reader into the exciting but vast realm of the nervous system. Anatomy, sometimes the bane of introductions to the brain, is gracefully interwoven on a need-to-know basis. In a clever use of IT, the accompanying website provides videos of human patients as well as powerpoint slides for anatomy and physiology. The companion website will be updated regularly with the latest results, and in the open-source tradition, website ideas are solicited from imaginative readers. A powerful pedagogical achievement, and a boon for both the novice and the advanced student.”

Book description

This is the fully revised and updated second edition of the very sucessful introductory textbook on cognitive neuroscience. Written by two leading experts in the field, this textbook book takes a unique thematic approach to introduce concepts of cognitive neurosciences, guiding students along a clear path to understand the latest findings whether or not they have a background in neuroscience. New to this edition are Frontiers in Cognitive Neuroscience text boxes; each one focuses on a leading researcher and their topic of expertise. There is a new chapter on Genes and Molecules of Cognition, and all other chapters have been thoroughly revised, based on the most recent discoveries.


1 Mind and brain
2 A framework
3 Neurons and their connections
4 The tools: Imaging the living brain
5 The brain
6 Vision
7 Hearing and speech
8 Attention and consciousness
9 Learning and memory
10 Thinking and problem-solving
11 Language
12 Goals, executive control, and action
13 Emotion
14 Social cognition: Perceiving the mental states of others
15 Development
16 The genes and molecules of cognition
Appendix 1

– Thomas

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Yes, we just got an Awarding the Web Award, for getting the Top Ethics Blog award in the Medical category!

And, I should add, thanks a lot for all the good emails we receive from time to time about our blog. It’s been a year since we blogged last time. We’re still alive and kicking. Indeed, doing so well that Martin and I are now having our own research group, the Decision Neuroscience Research Group (DNRG), a collaboration between the Copenhagen Business School and the Copenhagen University Hospital. This has not only provied us with many new things to do, but an increasing number of such, too.

But with the many nice emails, and now awards, ticking in it may be time for us to get back up on the blogging horse. Instead of promising gold and all from now on, let us just hope that we may add spice again to this blog. It deserves it…

Cheers, Thomas

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