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images.jpgA new issue of Social Neuroscience is now out. It contains a discussion of Broca’s area in language and gesturing (or, meaningful behaviours); the phenomenon of what we can call “romantic love priming“; and what happens to performance and brain responses if you are socially excluded. These and more articles can be found here.


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ubuntu-logo.pngSuffering from a full computer breakdown, my IBM Thinkpad has become sucpiciously reluctant to re-install Windows. Instead, I’m now running Ubuntu linux. For the most part it is not just comparable to Windows, in many respects it’s even better.

So what does this computer havoc have to do with the brain, or ethics at all?

Ubuntu is a totally free computer software, a fully operational operative system that replaces Windows fully. As in the core spirit of the linux movement, everything is free. So who benefits — besides myself — from this genuine altruism? I’m actually quite puzzled as to how I could explain that someone would spend a lot of their time making software without charging me anything for it. (more…)

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